I always make much muscular bodies, but I figured I should also practice slender figures as well. So I managed to do this, I think it turned out pretty good :)
Its not done clearly, but soon enough. I just wanted to share the anatomy of the body before I cover it in clothing.

Oh no, I did it again, I think I’ll end up doing this probably once a month lol. ANYWAY, this is my baby Zeus (I guess my personal manifestation of the Greek god.) This is kind of the virson of him I want to make for my Nexus story I am working on with my art and everything. So his name isn’t really going to be Zues, but for now it will be lol.

I wrote a crappy little story o:


You still do not find sleep, my Love… Even you cannot go on like this much longer.” She told her brother as she crossed the marble floors to the bed he rested upon. His pale hair, a mess, while powerful arms draped heavily over closed eyes, brows frayed in frustration. "I dreamt of him again last night." His voice came, muffled as his lips came to grace the flesh of his arm when he spoke.

"Those eyes, like two suns, burning into my soul… Making me helpless." He rolled onto his side, back facing her.

She soon came to stand at his side, looking over him like the night sky. “I begged Morpheus to end my dreams. I demanded he put a stop to those damned visions of his beautiful face.” He hissed out between his clenches teeth, holding back his anger, the growing need and desire driving him closer and closer to madness.

"To love a mortal, and one that can hold no purpose to a male god… Why? I too have looked upon him and-" Hearing her words, he sprung forth, reaching out and snatching a thick lock of her hair, just a pale a soft as his own, clenching it tightly to hold her near. Her words caught in her throat as she came eye to eye with glowing gems, like a stone natural could never hope to create in color and splendor.

"You looked upon him?" He spoke, words low, almost a whisper. The unmistakable tone of jealousy lingered in her ears at hearing his words.

"Not in the way your eyes look upon him, Brother." She assured him in a calm voice, mother like almost, as her hand moved to his, grasping it, and eventually calming him enough to draw it away from her.

My sweet baby brother. He has bewitched you, you should not look upon him with love. But hate! He has taken away your strength, your will and love for anything but his face. I would rather you smite him down then allow him your kind touch.” His eyes watched her for only so long before he had to turn away. Pulling his hand fully free of her own.

"You could never understand." He mumbled as he stood from the bed. "All the goddesses, all the women I have looked upon, all the eyes I have stared into while making love, the lips I have graced… All the memories and desires I felt, vanished, the moment I caught sight of him…" He brought a closed hand up, and pressed it to his lips for a moment. "…Like non of those feelings… Like I had never once felt love in my life. When I met his gaze, I felt true love for the first time in my life…

 She watched her youngest sibling with pained eyes, hearing his words, to think, someone so strong, so powerful, could become so helpless.

You are a mess my Love…" She told him as she stood, following to his place overlooking their world. "You think I do no realize this!?" He snapped at her, feeling his control slip slightly. "I hate this feeling! I wish I never knew what it was to love, to feel!" He shook his head, hands raking through his hair. "I have tried, to forget him, I have laid with others, but when I do… I think of only him!" He brought his hand to his throat, which he grasped tightly as he swallowed the lump trapped inside.

"There is more to this then simple longing… Nothing has ever stopped you, no mortal, god, force of nature, from taking what you want… so why is this boy any different? Why would you not simply just make him yours, like countless others before him?"

He stilled at hearing her words. Letting his arm fall to his side as he looked back at her for a moment, before turning and letting out a sickened laugh, low and quiet. "… Because, I love him. I do not want to force him to love me… I simply want, for his love, and for him to love me in return." He shook his head, "It is so easy to have someone believe they love you, use power to convince them of this… but, to have him be as enchanted of me, as I am of him."

"Then go to him, and confess this love, look upon his face again and ask his feelings."

Another laugh came from him as he leaned over the edge of the balcony, this time more pitiful and helpless then the last. "Do you not think I have already done this?" He shook his head.

He walked in the moonlight, by the river one night, when I approached him. Taking him by the arm, I startled him, he drew his weapon, and swung. I would have expected no less. And hoped, that if any other besides myself had been so bold with him, that he might protect himself in this same way. I allowed him to inflect a wound, that would have sooner kill a fellow mortal. But to me, it was nothing.” She stood near and listened, taking in her siblings words, hearing the emotion he spoke with.

"Once I was sure he understood who I was, I told him why I had descended to his world. Why I came to him, and why I need for him to become my own, to be at my side, regardless of what the others might think. I told him, I would give him everything, he would want for nothing, never grow old, never lose such beauty, never become ill and have to suffer the pain of death or loss. And…" He fell silent, as he stared off into the vast nothing-ness of the night sky.

"…. And what?" She asked, puzzled by the fact that here, her brother stood, alone, after offering his a motel such a gift. Why was he not by his side?

"…. He ripped his arm from my grasp, and scoffed at me. He called me pathetic, how he would sooner die, then give up his life to serve me, forced to be my lover, to become a star in the sky, without having rightfully earned it as a mortal in his short years of life… He told me, he would never give in to me, that he would never submit, and be subservient to I as his new keeper….

She watched with wide eyes, as he told her what this mortal, who she only knew as him, had so coldly throw her brothers love back at him with such fearlessness, and without care. No one… would dare speak in such a way to him.

"….No Mortal has ever denied me." He whispered out into the cold night air.


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