Can’t go over it.

Can’t go under it.

Can’t go around it.

Gotta go through it.

Trying to explain depression or anxiety to someone who’s never experienced it.

This belongs here.

You can get over it

You can go under it

You can go around it

You can go through it!

As a person who suffered with depression for 10 years of her life [8-18, so badly my hair was falling out when I was a small girl]. I still look back and wish I would have listened more when people told me to suck it up.

Because no one will change a thing, no one will fix the problem, no one will make you happy. But you.

If you truly want happiness, you’ll make it happen, its hard, its a long road and you’ll fall many times, want to quit and give up, want to die and this that’s the best way out, but once you get there, you’ll regret every time you ever said “I can’t” I told people I was really trying, but deep down, I was just letting it take more and more of my life away, be cause I thought I couldn’t.

But if your not willing to try, really really truly try, then you don’t deserve happiness.

 But I’ll tell you now, it’s the best feeling in the world. And its worth all the pain to get through it. And, because you didn’t have it before, you’ll hold on to that happiness for dear life, and never let it go. And you’ll love yourself more, because you know, how strong you really are.

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Finished the character design for a new member of the Nexus Cast.
Left to Right

{ Ophion [62] ,Ilius [32], Tedesue [18], Zelos [17], Eustra [30] }

Names are all still not finalized, I am so picky with names. I have a problems :C

Anyway, the newest added character is Ophion [far left] He is Ilius’s father, and current head of Aphrodite, the upper class area in The City of Selene. The head of Ero’s corporation, which is the leaders in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, weapons, top in medical advances, and other future technology, on the planet.

He is the last member of his generation of siblings, having been and staying in power for over 30 years after his own father passed.

With Ilius being his own son, though he is the youngest sibling, he is next in  line to take over Eros. As his daughter [Ilius’s elder sister] became a Muse at a young age. A lifestyle which forbids her from marrying or having children.

Ilius is the only one on the thrown. Except for Thio, Ilius’s half cousin, and only son born of Ophion’s younger brother, Helios. Though he can not be elegance to take the thrown until Ophion has passed, and he weds and produces an heir before Ilius does. 

This is my first time drawing anyone over the age of 40, And I think I did an alright job o:

He actually spends the entire story, [except for some flash backs and memories,] in a preservation/life support tank. About three more primary character designs to go o:

I drew The Groom AKA Eddie Gluskin! Why!? Because I am literately in love with him! My mind is soo filled with him, his voice, o: I want to be his Darling >XD The irony that my name literately means little Darling >XD

I know I didn’t do the best job, I need to change his face a little more, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out so far.

Getting back into Neons again it seems lol. Look at this sexy slut! This is just a rough draft.

I feel bad! I`ve hardly drawn anything this month T_T But regardless I am happy with my progress o:

I want to try and do more diverse poses. Anyone have some pose suggestions?

Think I’m heading to bed now o:

Anonymous asked:

Hi, I wanted to ask you what's happening between you and the sims since you didn't really answer the time someone suggested you make another tumblr for your drawings. Are you done with it? Is it only your art you're interested in now? My question is really this one: do you plan on working on The Bitter End in a near future or should I stop come here every 2-days hoping to see something about the Lenesse twins? Please note that I'm absolutely not blaming you, I'm really just asking.

I’m not, nor ever was I planning on making a blog for my art, because this is my blog for anything I do. Even when I did mostly sims stuff, I still posted personal stuff, and my art on here. It’s Oritasho’s blog, not Oritasho’s sims blog, there was never a rule as to what I can and can not post on here.

As for the sims, I don’t really have an answer for you, because I don’t know. I might go back. I might not. I don’t have a time frame either.
I still love the sims, but right now, I just only want to focus on my art. I don’t have a passion for the sims right now. Its so much work, with so much pressure and negativity. I like doing my art, because I’m really doing it for me. And I feel no pressure. No competition or hate. Its just me and my art. And I love it.  And I’m happy and at ease, I don’t feel stressed at all. And everything I make is my own. I don’t get harassment from people begging me for my CC and calling me a stuck up bitch because I choose not to share it. Or from people saying, is it out yet is it out yet, when are you doing it, why aren’t you working on it. I know you have a life but where is it!?

I did the sims sense I was 16, I’m 21 now. I think I’ve had a good run if this is the end.

I’m really happy doing what I am doing right now. And if people wish to unfollow me, because I’ve chosen to follow my dream to be an artist. I’m not going to hold them back with any promises.

I’ve always wanted to be an artist sense I was a little girl. It was always my plan to be a Comic artist or writer. That’s what I want to do with my life. Not sit around and play video games. That’s not going to be my career. I’m not a 13-16 y/o girl anymore who has time to sit and struggle to film and make something. I have a full time job, I go to the gym for 2 hours almost everyday after work to try and lose weight and be healthy. I don’t have a lot of time for tons of different hobbies. Especially ones that I’m not happy with anymore. And that feel more like a stressful job because of all the pressure.

I have spoken with all my voice actors in the B/E Project. And they are still down with helping me if I plan on doing an Audio play of the series, instead of the visual episodes, for the people who like the story for more then just the visual aspect of it, and what to know the finished project. But it’s slow coming because of rewrites and what not of the story to make it workable as an audio play.

NEXUS Main Characters (So far) Slowly adding them:

From Left to right {Ilius, Tedesue, Zelos, Eustra}

Zelos, is the newest addition to the character designs. He`s alright, though I do want to change his clothing, I feel like their too boyish.

Zelos is the closest (pretty much only) friend to Tedesue, the two of them are like brothers having grown up in the slums sense they were young, both lost their families at a younger age.

They are also, somewhat semi lovers… Zelos having much deeper feelings for Tedesue, then he has in return.

But Tedesue cares deeply for him, and doesn`t want to hurt him, So he tends to go along with his affection… Even though deep down he only sees Zelos as a very close friend and brother to him. Zelos also works for Eusta along side Tedesue.

o: 1800?

Oh Hey! I just noticed this morning that I am now at over 1800 followers!

Big thanks to all my new followers who followed me for my art O:

And A huge thanks to my followers who have stuck with me, even though I’m not really doing much simming any more!

<3 I’ll try and post a little thank you drawing <3

Anything you guys would like to see, let me know what?