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New page posted <3

Hey guys, sorry about posting this so late, this week was long for me. Very busy with work. And I’ll continue to be busy for the next few weeks until my boss is back from vacation. But I’ll still try and keep up with posting every Sunday. This one took me so long because of the damn background! >:/

Read it here: http://forgettingfebruary.smackjeeves.com/comics/1938059/chapter-one-page-6/

Or here: http://oritasho.deviantart.com/art/Forgetting-February-Chapter-one-Page-6-449067802

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Kim shifted in the hard chair he now sat in, his eyes, intense, as he stared across the room at Hiro. A man he had grown up around as a child, the man he considered to be like a second father to him. Now standing by the open window, overlooking the city that never seemed to rest.

"I don`t understand…."

The teen said as he pressed his lips tightly together, grasping what little material the tight jeans he wore allowed his hands to hold.

Hiro glanced to the side, barley turning to look at the boy,Before your operation, did your father tell you who the donor for your new eyes were?” He asked, drawing the half burnt cigarette from his grey lips.

Kim narrowed his eyes, "What?" He asked at first, shaking his head, he shifted back in his seat, eyes now cast to the ground as he tried to think back. “All he told me was… that they belonged to some guy who died in a car cash… I didn’t think to ask anything more.” His eyes found their way back to Hiro, who was now fully facing him. “I was just glade to finally be given my eyesight back….” He shook his head and stood. “Why are you asking me this?” He took a few steps closer. "Did he also tell you he was a carrier of the I.F. Virus….."Kim stopped, now standing, frozen, in the center of Hiro’s office. His eyes wide, lips parted. “W-What?” His question came out as a whisper, he felt a sickening turning in his stomach."You have the virus running through your veins."[I made a new sims 3 sims tonight, Kim.
He’s the son of the ceo, and founder of S.I.C.K, a medical empire that was born to help keep a deadly virus from whiping out mankind [based in a alternate futuristic world]. It effects the hosts blood, somewhat to how aids does in our world/time] Kim started losing his eyesight when he was 13, shortly after his mother died. It took 4 years to find the right donor, what which point he was almost completely without sight. His father, as well as his doctor, performed the operation. Which proved to be a great success….[Excuse the shitty writing, its almost 5am, and I have to get up for work at 9:30am] Let me know what you guys think ?

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I can’t stop LOL

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i spent an hour making hamburger helper but as i started putting it on my plate i realized i forgot the hamburger dont fucking look at me


This post perfectly explains my life in every aspect.

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This is an excellent metaphor for what most people go through.  Though I think the art was intended to be an inspirational, “go get your dreams”  type image, i think its a lot more sad and true than that.  The unicorn is a mthical beast that doesn’t look anything like a rhino, except that they both have a horn.  There is nothing that a rhino can do to become a unicorn, short of destorying its mind and completely altering its body.  

This isn’t a stretch for what most people go through when they have body image issues.  They look in the magazines and she glorious beautiful people, people so beautiful they don’t actually exist.  And some try to work to be exactly like those people. But maybe they just weren’t meant to be shaped like that.  

A rhino can still be a beautiful rhino, it does not have to be a unicorn.  

^ all of my thoughts I haven’t been able to put together coherently every time I see this


or you know

it could just be a picture of a rhino on a treadmill  

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w hat


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Imagine your icon losing all their hair




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DONE! I can`t believe it, I actually finished a drawing, such a rare thing for me!

Anyway, Just a new design for my OC Mars <3


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>XD I know I needs to get them all done for chu <3

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Public Service Announcement from Megan Fox promoting Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Fuck yeah. Best PSA ever seen.

That… did not end the way I expected it to.

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Just another rough-draft, I really like how the drawing part came out, but not sure how I feel about the color pallet for this one :/

Still needs a lot of detail! This is Jupiter, and Mars potential boyfriend? Maybe. I think he might need a little bit of a make over.

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love love love your art :) i'm a big fan of yours :D


Thank chu hun <3 It means a lot ^.^

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“alexmanuel-sims said: Then why make a huge fuss about it when I was obviously joking? And you can talk to someone in private, you don’t have to make everything public. It’s called respect.”

Alex, I already told you in a PM when you message me. That it wasn’t directly pointed at you, it was pointed at something many people do, which is something I find annoying, that doesn’t mean, anyone should assume, just because you say something, that your a sex crazed person with only one thing.
I’m not making anything public no more then you are by commenting, and I don’t know if your trying to make me feel foolish, by thinking your point at how I’ve “contradicted ” myself, in an almost smug manner. And by complaining about it, clearly your over reacting. Because like I said, no one who read that reply, should think less of you as an individual. And if they do, clearly they don’t know how to get to know someone. Cause I know you are not like that.

I post vulgar pictures, I speak my mind about taboo things, that probably make me seem like the biggest most depraved perv out there. Am I? No, does everything think I am? No, would I care if they did? No.

Like I said, when I made that reply, it was meant to say that that is a bothersome thing to me, when ANYONE does it. Not just you. Because stories, movies, tv, it seems its always “hey lets jump on the sex train after the first 5 minuets”.

Which, like I’ve said, if someone wants HC sex then, they can watch porn, why does everything when it comes to stories have to be sexual instantly? Sex in stories is great, when it’s built up, not just thrown into our faces. Yes I want character a, and character b to get down, but I want to have to work for it, enjoy the story, long for then to find and make that connection after struggle. I also love sexual stories about sex, but they’re about and for sex, ever with a story line those stories will right from the get go clearly show they are meant to be sexual based. And then there are stories where u shouldn’t assume they’ll be instantly sexual. Now calm down, your being very insecure about this, clearly because ur taking it way to heart no one thinks less of u. Now go draw me some slutty fashionable clothing for meh boys, because I know those hoes would look great on yo threads lol .

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lol Darlene I find it funny how you were saying about me how I use sex and sexual jokes so easy and how sex without love is pointless but then you draw a man with a dick in his mouth with his face covered in sperm. How is that right? If you can't stand by what you say then don't say it at all. A point to be validated needs an argument, and you just contradicted yourself validating the opposite of what you were standing for a week ago. Just saying. :)

Alex, there are things when they are clearly meant to be pornographic and sexual. There was no intention of having those pictures of him be romantic and with substance. It was just throat fucking. And it was blatantly clear that this was meant as porn.

When something looks like porn, most likely its meant to be porn.

When something doesn’t look like porn, I.E Two characters looking at one another, I think its a bit much, to assume right then, and there is going to be ‘hard core sex’. Its annoying when people instantly assume that.

Just as it would be annoying if someone were to say about those sexual pictures, ‘Oh how romantic and loving.’ When…. there clearly more lust involved then love.

I’m not contradicting myself, I know what words I say when I say them, and I don’t regret when I speak, I don’t just throw out my ideas without care. I still stand by. Romantic stories shouldn’t instantly be about sex, there should be connection, love, and build up to that point. Not just random sex.

If you want that, then just draw/write/watch porn, which is what I did. Because there is no love in those pictures, just the act of sex. And just fun drawing it